Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hey! Short Update and Links to Many of the Articles

I've been extremely busy throughout August and September, revising Ari Park as per agent request and working on the One Drop poker book.

I have an array of articles at Medium, which I encourage readers to check out. To be honest, I have not received a lot of feedback from my blogging attempts, although I'm sure that a few appreciate the content. I love the Medium interface but they seem to favor semi-profound articles designed to interest people inhabiting tech jobs (though not necessarily about tech). They also seem to curate and only promote articles by their own. I do not have great faith in Medium as a platform for longform content writers who want Internet exposure––yet I am willing to give them a chance.

I may pop into their office in SF one of these months and ask them, what gives? In any case, that is where many of my articles are currently archived. Please have a look. And more than that, connect. I  feel like we writers are constantly drifting away from our tethers, toward open sea.