Saturday, November 22, 2014

One year on... Earth Fabric project resurfaces as Bridge Across

An impromptu chat with April Jardine Limuran about our next project "Bridge Across," following the well-received Earth Fabric

Just realized that Earth Fabric is informing my conception of writing, with fabrics woven as written pieces, poems, into the cloud.

April April Fools: Lookn forward for d nxt project men!!

Yes, are you involved? what is our next project titled? People really like Earth Fabric a lot.

April April Fools:  Really? omg im so flattered..will m thinkn something special bout it..sumthing well gives people a boom!

Nice... how many pics you have at the moment? I have a few poems based on your early 2014 works, like the kitesurfing kites on Bulabog beach.

April April Fools: I have 18 all n all. heheh but some pieces needs u... well lets do it once u get back!! d cuttings make the pieces perfect always!

Yes, the collaborative collage! Bridge Across, is that the theme still? finding a sustainable pathway... or is there a theme you have thought of, through your life?

April April Fools: Omg hehehe yeah i have a tough year and some inspires, but bridge across is telling more bout something a pathway indeed of my life!! U got it men!!

art evolves

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taking the Deuce

I stroll from the Las Vegas Hostel on the sketchy end of Fremont Avenue to Heart Attack Burger, fresh from a week researching UFOs and early 20th century silver mining towns. I hop on the Deuce, which wends its way with painful deliberation past neon graveyards and chapels of broken dreams, toward the Shiny Corporate Strip. The passengers are the usual mixture of well-scrubbed tourists and locals, in varying states of sunburnt decay. I get out at Caesars, walking to an intersection I know very well from my daily walks from the Rio past midnight, as an unsung blogger. The climax of the 2014 WSOP Main Event awaits.