Sunday, January 11, 2015

What is the #endurancewriter

It is a hashtag where I collect all detritus relating to
paper leaves, endless days spent fathoming labyrinths.

It is a port to the concept that good writing endures.
And that to be a good writer, one must practice endurance.

Bob Rogers of taintradio fame and the late Howard Hart - simpatico 

It is a nod to the class act poets I know,
Bob Rogers, Sarah Menefee
who have endured, as poets triumphant.

It is the sound of my own fingers on the keys,
as I learn to play a song that is much more about
tonalities and modes. Small meanings in the
shortest sentences.

Loquatious expanses of words on the veldt––
Writing is fabric and I am poised, observant.

Not quite a poem, but I find value in this Bob Rogers concept (above) nonetheless:

What is taintradio?
A 24/7 hotel 
where each power 
owns his or her program